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How should I look after my Aquasolo?

To optimise the service life of your Aquasolo, soak in vinegary water, brush and then rinse. In case of prolonged use, repeat this step every 2 months. Protect from frost.

What should I do if the water doesn't seem to flow properly?

- Check that you've made a hole in the bottom of the bottle an air vent is essential for the system to work properly.
- Clean the cone using the procedure described above.
- Never try to pierce the ceramic of the cone or the plastic ring as this is not necessary.

My bottle won't work with the system. What should I do?

Aquasolo can be adapted to practically all bottles from 0.5 to 5 litres.
Check that you're using the right adapter or remove it, depending on the type of bottle used.
List of compatible bottles

The system's leaking. What should I do?

Check that the screw thread is the right one for your bottle : and that it's correctly fixed on.
If necessary, retighten it.

Can watering times vary?

Watering times are given as a rough guide and may vary depending on different factors: season, indoor or outdoor location, exposure, compost quality, etc.

Can I use fertiliser?

You can include liquid, non-viscous fertiliser in the bottle which will be diffused through the cone. However, to ensure optimum functioning of the cone, we suggest halving recommended fertiliser quantities.

Is it possible to control the flow?

The flow depends on the colour of the cone selected. It is controlled by the porosity of the ceramic in the cone:
Orange = 7 cl/day
Green = 20 cl/day
Yellow = 30 cl/day

How should I position my water supply?

The IDEAL position of a water tank is 75 cm above the plants.
Below 75 cm: the water flows more slowly
Above 75 cm: the higher up the tank is placed, the greater the flow and pressure. This may result in the green plastic stopper being ejected.

Can I use my toilet cistern as a water tank ?

They are usually lower down than a container placed at a height of 75 cm. The nominal flows of the system should therefore be halved.

How should I clean my system ?

Hosing: clean with a vinegar solution. Run the solution through the hoses to clean them once or twice a year depending on how often you use them, and if necessary, soak them for several hours in a sink filled with the solution.

Cones: soak the cones in a vinegar solution 2 or 3 times a year depending on how often you use them and brush the ceramic clean.

What if I use my system intensively?

Soil may get into the stopper. If this happens, simply clean it as described above so that the system functions correctly again.

Up to how many plants can I water at the same time?

You can water up to 20 plants at the same time. However, to ensure an optimum flow (particularly at the end of the line), we recommend that the watering network is no longer than 20m.

What kind of tank should I use?

Choose a tank suitable for the number of cones used. If all the cones in the base kit are used, the system will consume 1.25 l per day or approximately 9 l per week, 18 l for 2 weeks and 27 l for 3 weeks, etc.
The tank in your toilet cistern has an unlimited capacity.

Can I use fertiliser?

You can place liquid fertiliser in the water tank. This will be distributed to each plant through the diffuser cones.

  • Controlled use of water
  • No water evaporation as the roots are directly watered
  • No power source is required : electricity and battery free
  • Micro-porous ceramic : a natural material
  • Cardboard packaging: environmentally friendly packaging
  • A product manufactured in France = minimum transport distances = less impact on the environment

List of compatible bottles